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Choi’s closest sidekick stays as a witness and clears up Kim Hyun Joong’s past activities

Choi’s closest sidekick stays as a witness and clears up Kim Hyun Joong’s past activities

Choi’s closest sidekick, Ms. Im, went to the trial on July 8 to stay as an observer on the contentions against Kim Hyun Joong.

Ms. Im is a near to class pal of Choi, who purportedly visits with Choi on a dependably start. Ms. Im imparted, “Back in summer of 2012, I first got some answers concerning their relationship from Choi. By then in July of 2013, Choi let me understand that she thoughtlessly completed Kim Hyun Joong’s pre-adult. I’ve never met with him myself nevertheless. By then in May of 2014, I was incapacitated to hear Choi letting me know that she is toward the day’s end pregnant with his youth. She said she was scared, in light of the way that she has effectively experienced one hatchling departure, yet Kim Hyun Joong incited her to impulsively end the infant once more. I was upset, and I was in addition there for her.”

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She proceeded, “In June of that year, I heard that Kim Hyun Joong heartlessly hit Choi. I drew closer her for what legitimate reason, and she said this is by ethicalness of she requested they disengage in the wake of observing that he’s set down with young ladies from grown-up pleasure bars. I couldn’t accept that he genuinely hit her, paying little personality to the probability that he was to an amazing degree wild looked at. Choi’s left cheek was swollen, there was an essential harm under her cleared out shoulder, and there were in like way indications of viciousness on her mid-portion zone.”

Choi is as of now suing Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion KRW (~$1.38million USD) in compensatory hurt.


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