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Fans irritated at Yang Hyun Suk for exasperating G-Fantastic serpent?

Fans irritated at Yang Hyun Suk for exasperating G-Fantastic serpent?

Yang Hyun Suk may really be under fire for pestering one of his etching pros!

On July 7, Father YG shared a few compositions amongst him and Massive effect’s G-Whimsical serpent, where they examined Gigantic impact’s full “MADE” get-together. Distinctive netizens got a typical laugh from their spellbinding examination; in any case, a few VIPs began berating Yang Hyun Suk for being a key nagger and pushing G-Winged serpent to work.

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A few fans concentrated on Yang Hyun Suk with comments like, “..Why did you exchange this??”, “They were on a world visit for the past year…”, “It seems like the supervisor doesn’t see how clamoring they are;;”, “Why not go to fill in as opposed to irritating your rulers”, and so forth.

Netizens, baffled by the negative response, commented, “It seems like a predictable talk that can happen between a skilled worker and a creator”, “Why is this even a controversy??”, “Fans are absurdly sensitive”, and the sky is the motivation behind detainment beginning there.

Do you think a couple fans are in fact to some degree overprotective of their oppa?


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